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About | Cty CP vật tư thiết bị lạnh Vĩnh Thái
General Information

Vinh Thai Chilling Equipment Material Joint Stock Company was established in 2009. The Compnay is the perfect combination of the expert abilities and professional competences, the self-motivation, enthusiasm and the experiences of the staff of engineerers, all has created one branch name of Vinh Thai with slogan: Prestige – Quality – Effectiveness.

Vinh Thai is the supplier of top branch names of Taiwan in the field of electrical refrigeration such as Keunling, Kasunair, The Ky Long,… The products of these branch names have gradually created faiths to almost all customers and steady stand nationwide.   

With modern, closed and comprehensive technology production lines which are unique in both Taiwan and Vietnam, the product families that our company are manufacturing and supplying have been used a lot in the projects of related industries in the range of whole country. Besides, our company is also the member of big Companies specializing in the field of air conditioner.

In the tendencies of economic development focusing on the industrial parks, enlarging the economic factors, free trading in the scope of Vietnamese laws, we consider that with our staffs of engineerers, devoted personnel, operation upon united block with scientific characteristics and the effective cooperations of the partners, all have contributed a lot in helping us with overcoming the difficulties arising on the way of development, creating the achievements of Vinh Thai in its fields during the past time.