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Product | Cty CP vật tư thiết bị lạnh Vĩnh Thái
Thế Kỉ Long Insulation

• Specifications
- Supplier: The Ky Long.
- Origin: Taiwanese materials (manufactured in Vietnam).

Descriptions of product: Fanomax Foam insulation is an solid, light insulation material, consisted of millions of molecular grains which are closed thermal insulation, water-proofing, slow-burning (UL 94), suitable for insulation from -30oC to 90oC. Its coefficient of thermal conductivity is slow, K = 0.031. Its features are anticondensation, good insulation ability, anti-heat loss, highly average working life. The materials are imported from Taiwan and the product is manufactured at the Factory in Vietnam (Thu Duc District). Fanomax Foam insulation is manufactured under the form of sheet and pipe with the thickness from 3mm – 50mm density of 27kg/m3. The standard size of the pipe is 2.3 m/pipe long and the size of the sheet is 1.5 m x 2.4 m/sheet.