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Product | Cty CP vật tư thiết bị lạnh Vĩnh Thái
Wincell insulation

• Specifications
- Supplier: Wincell
- Origin: China

Descriptions of product: It insulate for air-conditioning system. It is an insulation product made from a material as vulcanized rubber with closed structure, manufactured in the vacuum condition by the blowing method. This closed structure helps the product with getting the features of steam osmose prevention, high effect in resisting steam condensation and heat loss within the chilling system. The thermal insulation material meets the standards of VINH THAI JSC

Class 0 and Class 1 according to the standards of Great Britain BS 476 part 6 and 7 (Certificate of Class 0 – FM Approval, UL). This materia does not creat tiny speck of dust or fibric shape. This thermal insulation is manufactured in China under the forms of sheet or pipe with the thickness from 9 mm – 50 mm density of 90kg/m3. Its temperature is from -50oC to 110oC, its coefficient of thermal conductivity is slow, its thermal insulation ability is good. It is widely used in the pipes conducting gas, cold water, air ducts, lines of pipes in the technology of food, petrochemical, tank. The standard size of the pipe is 2 m/pipe long and the size of the sheet is 1m x 10 m/coil.