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Product | Cty CP vật tư thiết bị lạnh Vĩnh Thái
Water chiller

- Supplier: Vietnam Kuenling
- Origin: Taiwan – Vietnam
- Waranty time: 12 (months)
- Particular descriptions of product:
- Able to dismantle and assembly, check and repair
- The refrigerant is not leaked through rotation axis
- No driven elements stretch out of the casing.
- Noise is decreased much more than moteurs of opened model ; Not be dirty and wet.
- Cooled water flows in bronze pipes, so the output of heat exchange will be faster and water will cool rapidly, meeting the demands of cooling.
- Orifice plate supplies liquid solution causing the stability of solution level within the air-resevoir; therefore, its ablity to satisfy demands of refrigeration load is good.
- Output is from 05RT – 750RT.